Old Ford Fiesta Can Sip On Fuel Like A Toyota Prius!

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We are still finding it hard to accept that Ford won’t launch the new-generation Fiesta here in the US due to their greater interest to sell the EcoSport.

Well, crossovers are popular and they may hand Ford a greater profit margin but we don’t see how the EcoSport can offer a better driving experience than the Fiesta. We are not even talking about the new generation Fiesta here as the previous model is still amazing in our eyes.

One of our mates shared with us that he achieved an average of 50mpg during his thanksgiving trip home on his 2015 Fiesta and the numbers tally to his manual calculation of fuel mileage.

Any MPGs that are in the 50s zone is viewed as stepping into Toyota Prius’ territory thus making the achievement with the Fiesta something worth commending. After all, the Fiesta that made such an achievement relies on a 1L EcoBoost 3-pot mill as opposed to a hybrid system like the Prius.