Old Subaru Forester Questions Ford F-150 4WD Progress

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The Subaru Forester may seem like a niche car built for Subaru loyalist but there’s more to the vehicle than just the badge and performance.

Just like every other vehicle from Subaru, the Forester is equipped with an AWD system that is extraordinary. We came to realize this when a video of an old Forester taking on a steep dune climb challenge surfaced online and it completed the task with great aplomb.

The clip basically brought back the old debate on “AWD vs 4WD” and we have to say that 4WD don’t really matter on a Forester. The superb AWD setup on the Forester allowed the vehicle to climb the hill without breaking a sweat and this has placed it on the same ranks with the latest Ford F-150 and Jeep Wrangler.

What more can we say about it? You really need to check out the clip below.

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