One Kia Stinger Discarded Prior To Debut!

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Kia has expanded its presence further in the automotive industry thanks to launching the Stinger. The latter is Kia’s first ever pure performance car and many have shown interest in owning the vehicle.

Like how it is with other vehicles from Kia, the Stinger is bound to score highly in reliability and this serves as a massive plus point for the affordable market. Furtherore, the Stinger has RWD and ample power to offer from the turbocharged engines.

Everything sounds great for the Stinger until we came to know that the car actually suffered from physical damages prior to making its debut here in the US. An incident involving a Stinger prototype in the US took place back in November last year and it saw the car getting pinned down by a Toyota RAV4 at a local parking lot.

It was revealed that there was some misunderstanding with the parking lot’s traffic flow and it resulted in the RAV4 running into the Stinger before climbing above the sports car. Well, that is no way to greet a new car into the market right?