One-Off Chevrolet Cruze Can Force Real People To Retire, Literally

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The past couple of years or so have seen GM adopting a ‘cringy’ method to promote their vehicles. If you are still unaware of this, GM called upon ‘real people, not actors’ to commend their vehicles before actually telling them the cars are from them.

Nobody knows for sure if the real people are truly real people but the vast majority believe that they are still paid actors utilized in GM’s marketing programs. One of the most ‘cringy’ comments made on a GM car by these so-called real people is that ‘the vehicle feels like a Mercedes’.

Mercedes is the leading name in the luxury market and such comment was made on the Malibu to suggest that the car is on a high level of comfort and luxury.

Today, we witnessed something different that is not from GM but it does involve the Chevrolet Cruze. The compact car has apparently gone through a body makeover by its owner and the result is a Mercedes-looking vehicle.

In detail, the owner of the Cruze has swapped the badging on his car before making some mild body modifications to give the vehicle a Mercedes appearance. Those without knowledge on cars are likely to be fooled by it due to the precise execution made by the owner.

It got us expecting the real people to go into retirement and not promote another GM vehicle anymore because they are likely to be convinced that the Cruze is a Mercedes. Just check out the photo below for an idea of this.