One-Off Toyota 86 Solves Power Crisis With High-Revving V8!

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The Toyota 86 is officially the world’s most reliable sports car but it is still far from being the first choice for affordable sports car hunters. This cannot be helped as the Toyota 86 lacks the performance that can make it worth the purchase but this issue can be solved with an expert’s help.

Over in New Zealand, a tuning firm called Synergy has swapped the 2L unit on the 86 for a V8 engine. What’s best about it is that the V8 mill is made from two motorcycle engine heads and this allows the powertrain to fit inside the engine bay.

The power figures are unknown at the moment but judging by the looks of it, the setup is likely to have more than 600hp on the crank. Another thing worth noting is that the V8 on the 86 can rev hard and we are talking about hitting the 10,900RPM zone.

This is insanity at its finest and it will certainly solve every speed crisis on the 86. But the question is are you up for it?