Outdated Electric Losers – 2017 Nissan Leaf vs BMW i3

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Both the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i3 are two of the earliest green vehicles. Their offerings may not be exciting today but both cars have done their part to convince the consumers that EV cars are not bad at all.

The unfortunate thing is that both the i3 and the Leaf are still deprived of a new generation model. The duo is still stuck in the 100 mile driving range bracket at a time when 200 miles is being perceived as the new minimum for an EV car.

Even so, BMW is still hopeful for the 2017 i3 as they prepare a couple of upgrades for the car. For 2017, the i3 will have 114 miles to offer. The Leaf, in the other hand, has been boosted to offer 121 miles.

Both the Leaf and the i3 are great in their own respective ways but we see the Leaf as the more attractive car since it is a lot cheaper to own. Even so, this does not write off the fact that both cars need a successor fast.