Overpriced 2017 Chevrolet Camaro: Blame It On Ford Mustang

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For the year 2017, Chevrolet is hoping to launch the Camaro in more regions across the globe and doing so can give them a platform to catch up with the Ford Mustang’s global sales figures.

One of the markets that are in Chevrolet’s plans is the China and the country will look to receive the Camaro RS in a matter of weeks from now. Everything sounds positive for the Camaro until we learned that the car is priced shockingly high in the Far East country.

As how it was announced by Chevrolet earlier today, the Camaro RS will retail from RMB399,000 which translates to $58,000. This is far more expansive than the basic Camaro here in the US, which happens to be the equivalent car to the Camaro RS.

The news got many criticizing Chevrolet as they believe that the high price point is destroying the Camaro’s potential. But then again, the decision was backed up by the Ford Mustang, which retails around the $59,000 mark for the base model.

Perhaps, it may have something to do with the country’s taxing system that makes pony car a lot more expansive to own. Either way, Chevrolet is merely following the price trend set by the Ford Mustang hence you can’t blame them for making such valuation