[PIC] One & Only, Front Engine Porsche Roadster Spotted In An Advert!

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Marketing fail

Notice anything funny about the advert above? At a glance, maybe not but the moment you start focusing on the car instead of the Golla ‘On The Road’ bag, you will see the disturbing truth.

In case you are still missing the point here, the image shows a male executive-looking model plotting to store the Golla bag inside the trunk of what appears to be a roadster from Porsche. The problem here is that almost all roadsters produced by Porsche have got their engines stored inside the trunk. The boot space will be located at the front.

Apparently, bag manufacturer Golla is not aware of this and the advertisement can reflect badly on the company. After all, Golla is trying to say that the bags represent the luxury lifestyle but they have no clue on where the cargo space is on the prestigious Porsche car.

Well, we could still be wrong as Golla could have got themselves the one and only Porsches which has its engine located at the front of the car. But hey, what are the odds of that happening right?