Pokemon Go: Poke Stops Bring Proven A Hazard To The Public?

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It has been a year since Niantic’s Pokemon Go made its debut and this is enough time for researchers to look into the damage which the game has done to the public.

By damage, we are talking about road incidents that are caused by Pokemon Go players being irresponsible when playing the game. As predicted, the number of road accidents has increased significantly near Pokemon Go areas.

A 30-page research was released online to prove this point and one of the paragraphs indicated that the number of accidents grew by a margin of 26.5% at intersections within 100 meters of a Pokéstop, compared to those farther away.

The report further pointed out that an estimated 134 extra accidents occurred near Pokéstops in the 148-day period immediately after the game came out, compared to the baseline where those Pokéstops didn’t exist.

We also know that Niantic has made efforts to curb these numbers by preventing Pokemon Go from functioning when the phone’s GPS suggests that the player is traveling at high speed but this brought along a negative effect on the gameplay experience.

With Niantic planning to launch a similar game that is based on the Harry Potter franchise next year, it would be interesting to see how the research will influence on the outcome of the game.

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