Polestar 1 vs BMW i8: The Winner Is…

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Polestar has pulled the curtains off their hypercar and we can confirm that the vehicle runs on a hybrid powertrain just like the BMW i8. This then got us wondering on if the Polestar 1 has the recipe to beat the i8.

While we may still be far away from seeing a race involving the two vehicles, we can already get a rough idea on the result by looking at the power figures on both cars.

On papers, the obvious winner is the Polestar 1. The latter’s hybrid system can pump out a whopping 600hp and 1,000Nm of torque. Without a doubt, this setup can send the Polestar 1 into blazing speed.

We have been wishing for a hybrid car with these capabilities, something which the i8 has failed to deliver. The BMW i8 is fast but it is not up to the expectations of the masses.

The good news here is that the i8 is confirmed to get a performance upgrade in the near future and this may just be in time for it to have a real contest with the Polestar 1.