Porsche 718: Sporty Profile Questioned By Mercedes-AMG G63!

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It is always fun to watch a non-sports car outperforming a pure sports car but things can get a little awkward when the vehicles involved are the Porsche 718 and the Mercedes-AMG G63.

The former is an entry level sports car from Porsche that is significantly lighter than the G63 but only has 350hp to offer. Meanwhile, the G63 is an aggressive luxury SUV that is tuned for a speedy performance despite not being a pure sports vehicle.

So today, a video of the two vehicles squaring it off surfaced online and it saw the G63 toying with the Porsche Boxster with speed. The 718 can be seen bursting into speed but it was unable to find that extra 00mph that can push itself ahead of the monstrous G63.

You can check out the happening in the video below: