Porsche 911 & Audi R8 May Break Tradition To Please Papa VW!

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Both Porsche and Audi belong to the Volkswagen Group and this explains why there are a couple of vehicles from both carmakers that are very similar to each other. Even so, both Porsche and Audi are granted the freedom to protect their flagship vehicles namely the 911 and the R8 respectively.

The 911 has always been that purist car whereas the R8 is perceived as the world’s most popular supercar. While the duo may have different market audience to attend to, they might be cross-sharing parts in the near future.

Volkswagen announced earlier this month that they are developing a brand new platform that is made for extreme performance and the platform will get adopted by the future 911 and R8. VW added that the new architecture is designed for extreme versatility as it is tailored to except green powertrains.

The details are not out yet but it sure sounded like Volkswagen is demanding Porsche and Audi to turn their halo cars into green halo vehicles. If this is being forced on Porsche, we could see the 911 finally ditching its tradition and the fans won’t be happy for it. Let’s hope that won’t happen.