Porsche 911 GT3: New Record Can Give Nissan GT-R A Reality Check

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Nissan may have broken their performance boundaries back when they introduced the first ever GT-R to the world but this does not mean the GT-R is going to remain at the top of the pecking order forever. It may take a while for rival carmakers to match the GT-R’s offering but it will happen nonetheless.

Earlier today, Porsche became the newest name to surpass the GT-R’s capabilities without even having to summon a halo car. The car that got the job done is the all-new 911 GT3 and it pushes the entire Porsche camp upwards on the charts.

The 911 GT3 basically completed a round around the Nurburgring at a better time than the Nissan GT-R. This is really impressive and confusing at the same time. We say so because the 911 GT3’s performance is getting a lot closer to its halo sibling, the 918 Spider. The former clocked 7:12.7 and this is only about 15 seconds short of the 918 Spyder.

If this is to mean anything, the next-gen 918 Spyder will come with unimaginable power so that its position in the market won’t get affected by the 911 GT3. Meanwhile, Nissan will have to dig deeper if they want the GT-R to keep up with rival performance vehicles.