Porsche 911 Killing Nissan Maxima Up For Grabs!

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Most of us can commend the latest Nissan Maxima for a having a nice design and a satisfying performance to drive on the daily but we can’t say the same for the car’s speed.

Despite having taken a lot of influence from the Nissan GT-R, the latest Maxima is not made to go to the extreme speed. This is unfortunate really as the Maxima from 17 years ago offers a platform to compete with other sports cars at the very least.

One example is with the 2002 Maxima that was made famous for outpacing the Porsche 911 Turbo on the drag strip. The Maxima embarrassed the iconic car by leaving a big gap on the straight line. Some would say it is unfair to the 911 Turbo since the Maxima is a modded car but the changes made is quiet minimal.

Today, this Maxima is now listed for sale on Facebook and those that are truly interested will be informed of the requested price.