Porsche 911 Turbo vs Nissan GT-R: Rivalry Renewed On Sachsenring!

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Nissan launched the GT-R a decade ago and the vehicle automatically became a world beater.

Despite being priced significantly lower than other sports vehicles with similar power levels, the GT-R’s clever power management technology and superb tuning has allowed the car to outpace almost every supercar in the market at that point of time.

The GT-R’s achievements placed the vehicle in a fierce rivalry with other notable greats and one of them is the 911 Turbo. Both cars have fought it out many times across various tracks and the results were mixed.

Today, the GT-R got tangled in a track time contest with the 911 Turbo again and the odds are against it since its competitor is newer and has a more promising output. However, seeing that the GT-R has defied the logic of age when it narrowly loss to the McLaren 720s, we can’t help but to expect an upset in this contest.

Well, it is time to find out by watching two rivals giving it all at Sachsenring below: