Porsche 911: Understanding The Rear-Engine Favouritism

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The Porsche 911 is an iconic vehicle in the entire automotive industry and this is due to its rich history for offering an unrivalled performance.

Despite being a well-known upmarket sports car, not many are aware of the reason Porsche decides to offer the 911 with a rear-engine setup. The 911 has always been about the ultimate engaging driving experience and a mid-engine configuration can definitely do a better job at it. So why stick to rear?

One way to put it is historical value. The 911’s ancestor, the 356, was built with plenty of parts borrowed from the Volkswagen bug of that time hence the rear engine setup. Back then, it was cheap, simple and effective, not because of its ability to boost speed.

Since then, the layout has been adopted by the 911 and Porsche even took the liberty of minimizing issues with the rear setup. To understand this bit better, an engineering expert has created a video that thoroughly explains that unique rear-engine configuration on the 911 and you can see it below.