Porsche 911 With Windows ME Is Misleading!

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If you have been following reports on the Porsche 911 closely, you must have come across a video of an old 911 with an infotainment system that operates on Windows ME.

The video actually went viral via YouTube and it got the average consumer thinking of the limitless potential with the infotainment system on the sports car. Some even though of putting in computer games that can be played inside of the 911.

It is certainly an interesting idea that would be fun to look at but unfortunately, the Windows ME setup is purely fake. The video is superbly edited to look real and there is just no way for the infotainment system on the 911 can run on Windows ME.

The system itself operates on QNX and it is worth noting that the video uploader also joked about Doom on the Porsche 911 before. The sole purpose of the video is simply for entertainment and nothing more.