Porsche Cayenne Gets A Real Taste Of Luxury

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When we speak of Porsche, the first and possibly the only thing that comes to our mind is pure performance. This cannot be helped as every Porsche produced is made to offer the most engaging performance around.

When it comes to luxury however, the cars from Porsche are actually behind a pure luxury brand like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Some would say this is unacceptable on certain vehicles from Porsche due to their high calling price but if you can afford a Porsche, then you can easily improve on the luxury aspects of the vehicle through TechArt.

The German-based tuning firm has released new interior upgrade packages designed for every vehicle for Porsche and we see it as a perfect channel to upgrade our Cayenne. The Cayenne is an everyday sports SUV from Porsche but as mentioned before, the level of luxury is not fitting of the vehicle’s price tag.

Well, all of that can be fixed by TechArt and we really like how the firm cleverly injects more luxury through the application of Alcantara. The stitches are coloured which adds more feel of luxury and the dashboard and centre console are upgraded with carbon fibre.

The overall package is great and TechArt really helps in solving the questionable level of luxury on Porsche vehicles.