Porsche Gives Standing Ovation To Toyota Following Le Mans Victory

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Those that have seen the Le Mans race last weekend will still be shaken in sadness after seeing the race leader, Toyota, breaking down right in the last 5 minutes of the race. This allowed Porsche to run past it and straight to the finish line.

The incident affected the mood of the Le Mans crowd as they were placed in shock and silence due to the broken Toyota. Porsche celebrated their victory but it was met with a respectful round of applause instead of cheers like how it was in previous years.

Today, things have quietened down and Porsche took the opportunity to give Toyota their standing ovation. As how you can see below, Porsche performed an act of gold by dedicating a Twitter post with the Toyota Le Mans car.

Porsche basically says that they respect Toyota forever after what happened last weekend and acknowledged the Japanese brand as a competitor that is on the same level.