Porsche Mission E: A Potential Financial Threat To Tesla!

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Porsche has made it clear many times already that their upcoming EV sports car, the Mission E, is not targeting a rivalry with the Tesla Model S P100D.

Porsche revealed that the Mission E will be much like a 911 that has gone through an electric makeover hence the goal with the car is to be on the track and not the drag strip. This is something which they are not planning to change and it makes the Mission E being a first-of-its-kind for the automotive industry as opposed to being a P100D challenger.

But despite this message from Porsche, the majority of consumers are keen to see a rivalry developing involving the two vehicles so when Tesla announced on an $85,000 price tag for the Mission E, these folks are quick to praise Porsche’s pricing scheme.

Such a sticker price would make the Mission E much cheaper to buy than the Model S P100D and this may allow Porsche to push Tesla away from the limelight entirely.

If that is to happen and if the Mission E can truly impress with its performance, it is perhaps right to say that Tesla is on the edge of their biggest financial competition yet.