Porsche Mission E May Suffer Tesla Delays If Volume Exceeds Expectations!

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Production delay is something that is synonymous with Tesla Corporation as the EV carmaker has never failed to miss the desired release date of their cars.

If that is not bad enough, Tesla has been struggling with the strong demand and the issues within their production facility do not help them in improving punctuality.

On the bright side of things, however, the EVs from Tesla are really great as they can offer insane speed, an unrivalled electric range and the best semi-autonomous system. With such an accomplishment, Tesla is now the brand for other carmakers to beat in the EV scene and Porsche wants to claim that bounty.

The German carmaker has already confirmed on the Mission E and they revealed the car will be the finest EV in the market when released. Knowing that the Mission E is based on the 911, the car is likely to have the performance that can rival the best from Tesla but it may also become a double-edged sword for Porsche.

A report has surfaced earlier today that Porsche is struggling with battery production for the new Panamera Hybrid and this is caused by the strong demand for the vehicle. This suggests that Porsche may not be able to cope with timely productions with the Mission E if volume is to exceed expectations.

Such an outcome will ruin Porsche’s clean name for being punctual at production and deliveries and it may reverse the order of hate on Tesla. But knowing Porsche, we can expect them to prepare for this outcome and tackle the problem before it happens.