Porsche Mission E Not Bothered By Tesla P100D Rivalry?

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Tesla has proved to everyone that electric cars can make a good replacement for gasoline-powered vehicles, including that of supercars. The Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode is a great example of this as the vehicle offers unbeatable electric range and the best straight line performance around.

The success of Tesla has got the established carmakers to explore more into electric powertrains and this includes Porsche. The German performance-focussed carmaker made it clear that they will produce the Mission E as their first performance-tuned EV.

Confirmation on this this has led to a large number of consumers comparing the Mission E with the P100D and the anti-Tesla crowd are the loudest of them all. These folks are claiming that the Mission E will expose the P100D for being a ‘wannabe’ or a fraud.

But then again, it doesn’t look as if Porsche has got any interest to rival Tesla. A leak has surfaced last week showing the potential powertrains coming with the Mission E and nothing about it screams 0-60mph times that can challenge the P100D.

Instead of gunning for a sub-3-second 0-60mph time, the fastest of Model E can hit 60mph under 4 seconds. It immediately reminded us of Porsche’s statement which confirms that they are interested in offering the ultimate balance of performance with the Mission E.

This means that the Mission E is more interested in offering the adequate power for the best track performances around. Having a monstrous straight line performance won’t matter for Porsche if the Mission E is unable to compete around the track.

Furthermore, Porsche also wants the Mission E to have the best EV powertrain that can offer great performance consistency and unbeatable charging times. These are the things which Porsche are concerned with, not a meaningless straight line contest with the P100D.

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  1. kent beuchert

    January 3, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Porsche can easily top the Tesla P100 if it so chooses. When will the EV-illiterates realize that Tesla’s acceleration has absolutely nothing to do with “advanced technology.” It is due to simple physics – larger battery abd more poerful electric motors. Any autonmake can easilly equal the Tesla Model S P100D. And the Model S P100D hardly has impressive driving range – the Porsche Mission e will no only euql that range, but will be able to utilize the EvGo 350KW CCS chargers being installed coast to coast and recharge more than twice as fast as the Tesla. Porsche has also tuned their Mission e against a Tesla P100D target vehicle at the Nurburgring, the world’s most famous racetrack. I can assume that their Mission e did not take a back seat tot eh handling of the Tesla. I would assume they easilly surpassed the
    corneringand handling performance of the Tesla sedan. The Porsche folks also hinted that aditional power levels will be offered if there is a demand for same. The Mission e has an advantage by employing a two speed auto tranny, while the Tesla is only a single speed, meaning poorer acceleration and driving range , all things being equal. Tesla tried to develop a two speed for the Model S and failed. Porsche has succeeded.