Porsche Mission E: Pressure To Perform Piles On, Not EV Range!

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After seeing the vehicles from Tesla promising even greater EV performance in the near future, a growing number of people begin to wonder if the upcoming Porsche Mission E can truly be that EV which can compete with the finest vehicle from Porsche.

The Mission E is described as an electric vehicle that is based on the Porsche 911 hence the expectations for the vehicle to perform are really high. But whether it will have enough to compete with Tesla’s future Roadster and Ludicrous Mode is something that remains to be answered.

Porsche has already got the target right with the Mission E in the sense that the vehicle will have around 600 miles to offer when released but will it have the performance?

The pressure to deliver is certainly huge but we don’t have to worry about the Mission E’s handling. Since the EV will have the DNA of a 911, track performance is not worrying at all and we are confident that this is one field where Porsche can outdo Tesla.

But when it comes to straight line performance, the Mission E will really need to dig deep if it wishes to compete with the 1.9 seconds projected 0-60mph time of the next-gen Roadster.

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  1. kent beuchert

    December 9, 2017 at 7:48 am

    The target for the Mission e was the Model S, not a “roadster,” which didn’t even exist as a concept when the Mission was designed. It is also impossible for the Tesla roadster to do sub 2 second times with any production tires. There is no data to suggest that the Mision e will have 600 miles but since it can recharge twice as fast as Tesla vehicles using their now antiquated 140KW Superchargers, extensive ranges are not only not needed, but not cost effective.
    Porsche can easily match Tesla’s performance, whatever it may be. In fact, any automaker can easily match Tesla’s roadster’s performance, which relies entirely upon on battery output and electric motor torque, which can be purchesed off the shelf, which is exactly how Tesla acquires same. Only the ignorant think that Tesla has some technological advantage. If anything, autonomous driving, recharge speed, etc , they seem to be falling behind the oncoming competition. The Porsche is already slated for three performance variants and they can increase any of them as they wish to match any Tesla vehicle’s performance. The high performance of the Tesla roadster is a result of the characteristics of electric drive, nothing else. The Porsche also looks to murder the Tesla roadster with respect to pricing (and likely styling as well) and will debut at least a year (almost certainly more) before any Tesla roadster gets delivered.