Porsche Mission E Shows No Love For Manual!

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Porsche revealed earlier today that they won’t be offering a manual gearbox option with their hybrid and EVs. This means that the highly anticipated Mission E won’t have a stick shift and it will probably feature Porsche’s award-winning PDK gearbox.

It is really simple to understand why Porsche has decided to not offer manual with their electric-powered vehicles. Aside from the complex electric technology which won’t be efficient if operating through manual, the sales prospects of manual-operated vehicles are poor in today’s times.

However, a small group of Porsche fans are infuriated by the absence of manual with the Mission E. They pointed out that the Mission E will be the driver’s car of the EV world hence not having manual will only spoil the whole package.

It is an interesting point to make and we are pretty sure Porsche is aware of it. The fact that Porsche choose to not offer manual must have a big meaning to it hence forcing stick shift on the Mission E may not be good for the car.