Porsche Mission E: The Beginning Of Tesla’s End?

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Tesla may be regarded as the best EV carmaker at the moment but their stance in the market is now being threatened by new competition. We are referring to the upcoming Porsche Mission E, which has apparently been caught testing with the Model S P100D.

Numerous spy shots have surfaced online confirming that Porsche really want the Mission E to be significantly better than the P100D and this can be a huge problem for Tesla.

The P100D’s biggest strength is on the straight line and this is thanks to it having Ludicrous Mode. With the Mission E getting tuned to destroy the P100D, we can safely assume that the German EV is going to have faster straight line speed.

Also, it is worth noting that the Mission E is a Porsche and this means that it will also come out with some of the best handling for the ultimate track experience. The same can’t be said for the P100D which is only a champion on the straight road.