Porsche Reliability Fallout Suggest CR’s Ranking Is Broken!

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Consumer Reports have released the 2018 Car Brand Reliability Rankings and it saw some big changes made to the charts.

Before we get to that, you should know that the top position still belongs to Toyota and this is followed by Lexus on second spot. Kia sits at position number 3 with Audi being right behind it. On fifth place is German carmaker, BMW.

What surprised us is the fact that Porsche is not among the top names in reliability. Last year, Porsche earned the 16th spot and this translates to a 13 place drop from the year before. Keeping in mind that 2016 wasn’t a full redesign year for Porsche, what could have caused the brand to plunge on the reliability charts?

One would argue that it is the other manufacturers that have stepped up their game but we don’t see this as accurate at all. If so, then some changes must be made to Toyota because the company never committed to massive redesign this past year.

We just don’t see how Porsche can fall 10 places in a year without having any notable issues and this suggests that CR’s ranking is somewhat broken.