Prius-Rivalling Mazda3 Wants To Beat EVs Next!

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Later this year, Mazda is going to release the next-gen Mazda3 and the vehicle will debut together with the second-generation SkyActiv engine called SkyActiv-X.

Unlike how it was with the original SkyActiv technology, the next-gen engine will come with compression technology and this will significantly boost both power and fuel economy.

The official figures for the next-gen Mazda3 are not out yet but insider reports are claiming on a fuel economy that is as good as the previous generation Toyota Prius. For a compact car that relies solely on ICE, this is considered as an amazing achievement from Mazda.

But for the Japanese carmaker, they are not celebrating just yet because they have a bigger goal ahead. It is with the third-gen SkyActiv system that is now being dubbed as SkyActiv-3.

Due to arrive somewhere in 2022-2023, the future engine is teased to focus on thermal efficiency and Mazda hopes that the reduction in carbon from well-to-wheel will make their cars as clean as an average EV. It is a huge plan from Mazda and we are confident that the carmaker will pull through.