RAM 1500: Sedan-On-Stilts Outfit Will Cost You A Dime

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If crossovers and SUVs are widely viewed by enthusiasts as hatchbacks on stilts, the RAM 1500 from Aznom Atylux can be described as a sedan on stilts. In addition to that, this particular RAM 1500 will belong in the luxury segment as it retails from $263,000. Wait, what?!

No, you’re not imagining the numbers. The RAM 1500 that has been modded by Aznom Atylux is priced slightly above a-quarter-of-a-million and this is insanely high – even for a modded version of the vehicle.

We are strongly against the price of the RAM 1500 – even if it is one that has been converted into a luxury sedan-on-stilts. This is due to the fact that Aznom Atylux being unable to properly style the RAM 1500 with high-class luxuries.

You can argue that design is subjective and we will agree with you on that part. It’s just that the majority of those that have checked out the modded RAM 1500 share the same stance towards the vehicle – ugly. If you don’t agree, you should check out the vehicle in greater detail below.