RAM 1500 Wants To Try SUV Outfit

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Studies have shown that the majority of pickup truck buyers chose a pickup truck for its size and off-road ability rather instead of utility. This explains why it is common to see pickup trucks being driven on the daily but rarely utilized for loading and towing.

The large size of pickup trucks basically gives a sense of better safety as the taller driving height offers greater view of the road ahead and the muscular frame suggests greater protection for the occupants.

With that in mind, FCA’s RAM is now trying to apply the good things of pickup trucks but through an SUV. The carmaker teased at the recent Detroit Auto Show that they are studying the idea of having an SUV version of the 1500 pickup truck.

The SUV will offer similar off-road ability and sense of safety but without a bed of a pickup truck. Despite still being an idea, a fan-made concept picturing the final product has already surfaced online and you can check it out below. Do you think it will work out well for RAM?