RAM, Dodge & Jeep Revisits Path To Failure

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Consumer Reports have long been an accurate tool of measurement to identify which cars are good and which cars are bad.

Thanks to having unlimited real world data provided by drivers worldwide, it greatly explains why many car buyers weigh heavily on Consumer Reports before deciding on a vehicle. This is a big problem for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles as every brand within their camp have never received a positive remark – especially when in terms with reliability.

As how we have given it away in the title above, RAM, Dodge and Jeep are pitted at the bottom of the pile on Consumer Reports’ ranking. The three carmakers from Fiat-Chrysler have a bad reputation in reliability and while they may have showed signs of improvements last year, the diesel scandal that saw FCA pleading guilty has led the brands back to the worst carmaker chart.

And it is not just RAM, Dodge and Jeep which are tangled in the humiliating list. Alfa Romeo and Fiat are also situated at the bottom pile hence it is right to say that FCA has returned to their failing ways.