RAM To Join Jeep Scrambler In Ford Ranger Onslaught?

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We are months away from the official release of the new generation Ford Ranger and midsized pickup truck lovers couldn’t be happier for it. This cannot be helped as the Ranger promises an F-150 experience but in a more compact package.

If this is to be the outcome, then the Ranger has a big chance to be the dominant figure in the midsized pickup truck scene – ahead of the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado.

However, things are unlikely to be that simple for the Ranger as the pickup truck will also need to look ahead at other incoming rivals that may disrupt its potential. We are referring to the Jeep Scrambler which promises to become the most off-road capable pickup truck when released.

The Scrambler is based on the Jeep Wrangler and this has raised the vehicle’s prospects for success. However, the Scrambler is not the only pickup truck from FCA which Ford should worry about because RAM too has expressed great interest to compete in the midsized scene.

Like how the GMC Canyon is paired up to the Chevrolet Colorado, RAM wants a new midsized pickup truck to join the Jeep Scrambler with hopes of dominating the segment.

The details on this midsized truck from RAM are unknown at the moment but we can expect more details to spill at the Detroit Auto Show.