RAM’s Ford Ranger-Killer Won’t Arrive Later Than 2022!

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Yesterday, Fiat-Chrysler’s RAM stepped into the limelight to share their plans for the next 5 years. It saw a lot of interesting promises from the utility-focussed carmaker and among them is with the development of a brand-new midsized pickup truck.

The idea for a midsized pickup truck has been in circulation for the past year or so and RAM has now made it official that the vehicle is in the works. RAM added that they have strong desire to grab a big slice of the midsized market share – especially after witnessing the segment’s revival.

This is really exciting as the midsized pickup truck from RAM will be charging against the upcoming Ford Ranger, Jeep Scrambler, Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado.

It will certainly be interesting to see on what sort of direction the midsized pickup truck from RAM will take. The only thing we can take away from the reveal is that the RAM midsized truck will get released between now and 2022.