Range Rover Evoque: Pure Coupe Is Dry On Love!

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If you are hoping to purchase a brand new Range Rover Evoque with only two doors, you are out of luck. This particular model has officially left the North American market and Land Rover made the decision based on sales of the vehicle.

Land Rover remarked that the demand for a two-door Evoque is extremely low hence it is wasteful for them to produce and sell the vehicle at an uninterested market.

On the other hand, there will still be another two-door Evoque available and it is the convertible variant. It appears that the topless Evoque is still a hit on the sales front hence it will continue to sell here in the US.

The only other market would be the used car scene but the rarity of the Evoque ‘pure coupe SUV’ will make it difficult for you to own the vehicle.