Regretful 2016 For Jeep Compass & More From Fiat-Chrysler

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If you happen to drive a Mitsubishi Mirage or Toyota Prius and get mocked for your choice, you can rest assured because both the Mirage and Prius are not the worst cars around.

We say this because owners of the all-new Jeep Compass and several other vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler are the ones feeling plenty of regrets from making the purchase. This was confirmed by Consumer Reports when they reviewed back every report in 2016 and ranked the most regretful cars around.

The list is filled with 7 cars and the majority of them are from Fiat-Chrysler. In detail, 4 models from FCA were named in the list of negatives and they are the Jeep Compass, Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200 and the Dodge Caravan. Two other vehicles are from Nissan whereas the seventh vehicle is the Acura ILX.

The regrets are mostly caused by poor reliability of the cars from Fiat-Chrysler. In the Jeep Compass’ case, the owners are just not satisfied with the driving experience offered by the SUV.

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  1. leo sorr

    January 8, 2017 at 8:03 am

    It’s not that you do bad work, but really, the statistical differences between vehicle makes when it comes to reliability, are so tiny, that to then expand them into a “shaming” of a manufacturer because they have a few more statistical initial faults, such as a tricky to set up bluetooth connection, or door catch … ridiculous!! I’ve driven Audis, BMWs and Fiats pretty intensively for 30 years – and have had no complaints with any of them other than some niggling issues with my current BMW, no doubt down to the fact that it’s so sophisticated there are more things to go wrong. Driving Fiat Chrysler, as I and my wife have done, has been problem free. Your article makes cars with small statistical and easily remedied issues look like a nightmare and blows them out of all proportion! I suppose you motor writers have to make your living somehow!!