Remember Toyota FJ Cruiser? Next Ford Bronco May Force Revival

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It is an exciting time to be a 4×4 fan as Ford has confirmed on the development of the next-gen Bronco. The iconic nameplate has been an absentee for more than two decades already and its return can finally open up the segment which has always been about the Jeep Wrangler.

If this is to be the outcome, then other carmakers can get the opportunity to compete in the 4×4 market. Our eyes are specifically set on Toyota as they once had a 4×4 in the name of the FJ Cruiser.

The latter is a 4×4 that has been discontinued due to poor sales but it may look to make a return soon. Rumors are claiming that Toyota is waiting to see what the Bronco will have to offer before they show off the next-gen FJ Cruiser.

The future FJ Cruiser will ditch the blueprint from the past and adopt a completely different layout. Simply put, the vehicle will be an SUV version of the Toyota Tacoma and this may just be enough to challenge the market.