Returning Ford Bronco Raise Hope For Toyota FJ Cruiser Revival.

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Ford has confirmed that the Bronco will be getting revived through a new generation model and the vehicle is projected to arrive before 2020. The next-gen Bronco is being built alongside the Ranger and its return seems to have inspired Toyota.

The Japanese carmaker believe that the next-gen Bronco can finally open up the 4×4 SUV market after years of being restricted for the Jeep Wrangler. As such, it will give Toyota plenty of room to compete in the off-road market.

The Bronco is already an iconic nameplate back in the 90s and its return can neutralize the popularity of the Wrangler. The open segment will then allow Toyota to revive the FJ Cruiser and it is already happening as we speak.

A patent registered by Toyota leaked online earlier today and it saw the registering of the name TJ Cruiser. If this is to mean anything, the TJ Cruiser could be the next-gen FJ Cruiser.

But of course, we are unsure on how much the TJ Cruiser has been developed hence we can’t tell on how good the vehicle will be. Either way, the name itself greatly suggests that the TJ Cruiser is hoping to fill in the void left by the FJ Cruiser.