Rolls Royce Swaps Classy Outfit To Be Fun Grandpa

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Ask any car fan on the best luxury car brand in the market and most of them will say Rolls Royce. The vehicles from Rolls Royce have always placed a strong emphasis in luxury and its strong history in the industry makes it synonymous to the word premium.

The only problem with Rolls Royce brand of luxury is that the car tends to use its roots to measure the things that have value. This explains why the newest Rolls Royce cars still has a classy touch of the past and this can be a problem for the young rich echelon.

Rolls Royce is aware of the growing number of rich folks among the young age group and they need to establish an attraction on their cars to appeal to these folks. Their solution is an overdone ‘hip’ luxury car that you can see below.

At a glance, we feel that the vehicle is like a grandpa trying to be fun by wearing trendy jeans and t-shirts with slogans. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.