Samsung Galaxy S9: The Big Finger Scan Dilemma

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The Galaxy S9 is the next major phone from Samsung and while it may be many months away from making its debut, you can already get some ideas on what the phone will have to offer based on the reports from insiders.

Just a week ago, several notable insiders revealed that the S9 will come with an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Such a setup will add some flair on the S9 while also giving the phone a revolutionary vibe.

Today however, the insiders retracted their words when they revealed that Samsung don’t have sufficient time to apply in-display fingerprint readers. Hence, the feature may move on to the next-gen Galaxy Note and Samsung will be sticking to the same scanner used on their current phones.

It was also mentioned that the most Samsung would do is to relocate the fingerprint scanner. The majority that has heard this are hoping for the scanner to stick to the middle of the phone’s backside. This will make the S9 more like every other Android phone thus preventing the need for the users to adjust themselves for Samsung’s exclusivity.

It sure sounds nice to have a fixed finger scan position but we will still accept some changes on this front. However, the change we want is or the Bixby button to get replaced by the fingerprint scanner.

It will be a win-win situation since users of the S8 has complaint on accidentally switching Bixby on hence Samsung may as well place the scanner there. Wouldn’t you agree?