Sega’s Sakura Wars, Jet Set Radio Confirmed For Revival

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About two decades ago, Sega made big gains in the gaming industry thanks to Sakura Wars. The IP turned into a bestseller at that point of time and it is viewed as the best game ever produced by Sega.

So when Sega teased on the development of a new game with the caption “revival of IPs”, there is no doubt that Sakura Wars is the game which they are referring to. We say so because Sega recently did a poll on which game fans would love to see most and Sakura Wars received the most votes.

But of course, the caption is in plural form hence there is more than one game that is being planned to get revive. If two is the target for Sega, then we could see Jet Set Radio making a return alongside Sakura Wars.

Jet Set Radio is the runner up on the polling list and this greatly suggests that it will get revived with current-gen technicalities. Are you excited?