Self-Driving Cars Are Against Toyota’s Policy, For Now

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What defines a Toyota? The answer is subjective but all of us can agree on three things – affordable, economical and also safe. Since Toyota’s beginning, their cars have excelled in these particular departments that they gave Toyota a strong meaning.

Perhaps, the pride to offer the best in affordability, economical and safe has pushed Toyota to a point where they won’t be offering autonomous technology with their cars in the near future to come.

Autonomous technology is growing at a rapid pace and a many carmakers have hopped on the trend of offering them to the consumers. When Toyota got questioned for not doing the same earlier today, the firm responded that it is too risky since autonomous is not in its complete form.

This means that the autonomous systems available today are still unfinished and having it on a Toyota will only put the carmaker’s strong safety reputation at risk of getting damaged.

Toyota revealed that the self-driving future is nearing but they will still be taking their time with autonomous technology. Toyota will bring their self-driving system out once it is deemed to be ready and safe for the consumers.

We are pleased to hear this as it shows that there are still some carmakers that is refusing the idea of beta testing an incomplete technology on the public.