Small Ford Mustang Finally Joins F-150, Wrangler

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The latest Ford F-150 and Jeep Wrangler features superb traction and stability control. These two features greatly improve on the off-road handling of the F-150 and Wrangler but what does this have got to do with the Mustang?

Well, if you can recall April first this year, there was a joke going around claiming that Ford is developing a Mustang that will have mild off-road power and it will also be smaller than the outgoing model.

The joke is not wrong at all because the smaller Mustang is actually getting released next month. However, the vehicle is not made for adults as it is designed as toy for kids.

As how you can see above, the toy Mustang is too well-equipped for a toy as it comes with traction and stability control. In addition to that, the Mustang operates on an EV powertrain that can go up to 5mph. That is equivalent to 130MPH in adult speed.

Known as the Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang, you can own the vehicle for only $359.99. Unless you hate the Mustang, then this car is perfect for your kids.