Smart ForTwo Can Pull Off A Jeep Wrangler And More!

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How much beating can the latest Smart ForTwo take? To be more precise, the ForTwo in the question is one that relies on EV.

You may think that this is a car that is simply made to transport you from point A to point B but there’s more to the vehicle than that. The EV setup shouldn’t be mistaken for a soft offering as the Smart ForTwo can actually exceed on the definition of fun.

A video surfaced online earlier today showing the ForTwo EV taking on an off-road track with style and aggression. It immediately reminded us of the Jeep Wrangler and this is a big compliment to the micro-car.

But of course, off-roading isn’t the only thing which the ForTwo can handle. The clip also saw the car getting its performance pushed to the limits as it slides in and out of tight corners.

All we have to say is that the clip of the ForTwo EV is the most fun video of car we have seen in 2018 so far and you should seriously give it a watch!