Sorry Mercedes & BMW, Lexus Is Number One!

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When we speak of luxury cars, the first name we will definitely think of is Mercedes-Benz or BMW. Both German carmakers have established themselves as the best luxury brands for the mass market and their unrivalled offerings and reputation prevents them from being an afterthought.

Even if it is not Mercedes or BMW, we would proceed to think about the likes of Bentley and Rolls Royce whereby luxuries carry a new definition. What’s certain here is that we would never think about the likes of Lexus as the brand is still widely considered as a step behind the German greats.

Well, it is perhaps time to condition ourselves to think about Lexus more because that is what the public has been doing throughout this year. Google had just released the top ten most search car brands here in the US and Lexus came out on top within the luxury market.

If that is not praiseworthy enough, you should know that Lexus is on the second spot, behind Ford on the overall standings. Google also mentioned that most searches came from California, Florida and Georgia in that particular order.

As for the vehicles from Lexus, it is the latest LC and the all-new LS that grabbed the most search counts. The numbers are significantly higher than Mercedes and BMW, and we can only hope that the exposure Lexus is getting can drive them into equal terms with their German rivals.