Stock Tesla Model S P100D Can Achieve 2.6s In Race To 60MPH, Here’s How

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The Tesla Model S P100D brags being one of the fastest accelerating vehicles in history and this is thanks to its sophisticated EV powertrain and also Ludicrous Mode.

With such a setup, the Model S P100D is fully capable of clocking 2.8 seconds on a 0-60mph sprint. This puts it way up there among the best accelerating cars of all time but what if we tell you that the car can go faster while still retaining its factory setup?

A video has proved that you can shave off a whopping 0.2 seconds on a 0-60mph sprint without the application of aftermarket parts on the Model S P100D but how exactly do you achieve that?

The answer to this is to make the Model S P100D lighter by removing unnecessary features on-board the vehicle. For a more detailed look on this, you can check out the clip below.