Subaru Ascent: The Prius Of Mid-Sized SUVs?

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It is official. The Ascent is Subaru’s newest creation and the vehicle now holds the record for becoming the largest model from the Japanese company.

Despite the Ascent being slightly smaller than the average midsized SUV, the vehicle is designed to have three-rows of seats that can accommodate 8 occupants. This is clearly an indication that Subaru wants the Ascent to compete against the Honda Pilot and the Volkswagen Atlas but the odds are not looking so good for Subaru because the Ascent appears to have botched it on the first impressions.

The most obvious setback is with the vehicle’s design. The Ascent has failed to look exciting and the design cues feel dated. The only good news for Subaru here is that design is subjective and there may be some that can appreciate the looks of the vehicle.

But if that never happens, we would describe the Ascent as the Toyota Prius of the midsized SUV segment. The Prius is a really great, if not the best pure hybrid vehicle but it has gone on a sales plunge for having a very unattractive design.

The same can be said for the Ascent, which promises to offer better driving experience than its rivals through the use of Subaru’s hallmark AWD system and proven turbocharged engine. If it doesn’t sell well, Subaru will only have themselves to blame as design is likely to be the cause of the failure.