Subaru BRZ Brings Reliability Glory – All Thanks To Toyota!

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Offering great reliability on cars is something which Japanese carmakers are really good at and this explains why the likes of Toyota, Mazda and Honda are always on the top of the reliability charts.

Even Subaru is not far behind its Japanese siblings as the carmaker has consistently landed above American brands and those from Europe. This year, however, things got a whole lot better for Subaru as they have climbed up from 12th position to occupy the sixth spot on Consumer Reports’ 2017 reliability charts.

What’s more surprising here is that the credits belong to Toyota because it is the Subaru BRZ which has managed to push the brand upwards on the charts. The BRZ-86 twin is the only sports car to have made in on the overall top ten rankings thus making it more reliable than the Forester and the XV Crosstrek.

We may have blasted Toyota before for preventing the BRZ to blossom into a worthy sports car but all of that can be put to rest as the underpowered vehicle has managed to give Subaru’s name a boost in the field of reliability.

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