Subaru BRZ Have No Intentions Of Pulling Away From Toyota!

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The Subaru BRZ-Toyota 86 twin has received a lot of criticism from Subaru fans for being underpowered and these folks have pushed the blame on Toyota for preventing Subaru from applying their tunes on the car.

Well, if you’re among them, you should know that the underpowered issue on the BRZ is not exactly Toyota’s fault because Subaru appears to be unwilling to upgrade their sports car at all. The most they could go is the BRZ tS and the Type-RA where the power output is kept at a safe level.

The reason is because the BRZ has helped Subaru a lot in terms of fuel economy and reliability. Subaru is now being punished for misleading fuel economy figures on their cars but this is with the exception of the BRZ. Hence, the sports car has cushioned the damage on Subaru.

If that is not enough for Subaru to stay loyal to Toyota, the BRZ-86 twin are officially the most reliable sports cars as per Consumer Reports. The vehicle is the first from Subaru to occupy the top ten spots which has placed the carmaker on a new light.

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