Subaru BRZ Named Champion In Making Mini-Doughnuts

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You can say what you want about the latest Subaru BRZ but the car is still uniquely the best in its own respective way. Last night, the BRZ demonstrated its agility by performing a 360-degree spin and it created a new world record while doing so.

Guinness World Record officially announced that the BRZ is the best car when it comes to making the tightest 360-degree spin. The BRZ basically spin at a speed of 30mph while being in a narrow lane full of cars. The best part is that the BRZ did so with only 2.25meters of clearance recorded.

This is quite an achievement for the Subaru BRZ and something that fans of the RWD roadster can be proud of. If you have yet to check the record-breaking moment, you can view the embedded video below.