Subaru BRZ: No Mechanical Changes Because Of Love For Toyota!

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Earlier this month, Subaru captured the attention of the masses when they revealed that they are going to launch the tS variant in the very near future. The tS moniker functions much like the STI hence many are hoping that the BRZ tS will solve the poor power curve that is with the car.

Well, today we can confirm that the BRZ tS will only bring a more refined handling and a sportier appearance. No changes are made to the mechanical aspects of the car hence you shouldn’t expect a speedier performance with the vehicle.

Those that have heard this confirmation are now bashing Toyota for preventing Subaru to upgrade the BRZ due to the vehicle being a twin to the 86. We prefer to see it from another angle where it is Subaru which has no interest to go against Toyota.

This is because the BRZ is confirmed by Consumer Reports to be the most reliable vehicle in Subaru’s line-up and it has successfully pushed the brand into the top ten of the world’s most reliable carmakers.

It is also worth noting that the BRZ-86 twin is the only sports car in the top ten most reliable vehicles ranking and this accomplishment has blessed Subaru with a more positive reputation.

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