Subaru BRZ: Underpowered Sentiment Is Crucial To Company!

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The Subaru BRZ-Toyota 86 twin has long been blasted by the automotive community for being underpowered and this is something that won’t be changing at all.

Many have blamed this on Toyota for not giving Subaru the freedom to improve on the performance of the BRZ but this is not accurate at all. According to a new report, Subaru purposely complied with Toyota’s 86 blueprint so that the can get an uplift on reliability and fuel economy.

For an unofficial report, such a claim makes complete sense as there are concrete data supporting it. If you are to check out ConsumerReports’ reliability chart, the 86 and the BRZ are the only sports cars in the overall top 10 list of most reliable vehicles.

Furthermore, Subaru openly admitted earlier today that they have manipulated fuel economy and emission data of their vehicles but with the exception of the BRZ.

With these in mind, it would make sense for Subaru to make no changes to the BRZ as it cushions the flaws in their line-up.